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John & Maria Wall

The Beautiful Challenge


A beautiful and deeply challenging theme of our lives recently has been about working well with others. The environment here is in transition and growth. We need to adapt and learn to work better in teams.

Reading some research on teamwork published by Google LLC, I understood that the most production and innovation in technological companies is not coming from individuals, as talented or highly-paid they may be, but from good teams. Not talent, but character qualities
to work well with others is what we most need.

On the missions field, as for the home church, working in a team, and as a team, doesn’t happen automatically. Quite likely, we all have stories of disunited missionaries or churches. Yet on Biblical grounds we are obviously called to journey, produce, innovate, shine, and give testimony in this world by our teamwork, unity, and love. The really good news is that to accomplish our calling it is not about talent, but about teamwork. This is good news because I may not be able to do much to add talent to my life or team, but I can do something about my character by cultivating in my life humility, respect, sincerity, patience... diligence, and responsibility so that others are not obliged to be so patient with me. So, it is vain to complain about our team, or blame someone else for failures in our efforts. Perhaps we could ask instead: What will it take for us to be united in respect and trust? The right answer to that question doesn’t reach a dead-end in finger-pointing, rather it should challenge one’s own life and character. In fact, we are not doomed by the complacency or personality of others; our lives are not in their hands at all, but in the capable, wise, and faithful hands of God, and in the hope of Christ Jesus. My favourite text on this topic is Ephesians 4:4-16.

Greetings and blessings from all of us!

Thank-you for your prayers and support!
John Wall on behalf of my parents, Henry and Anna, and family

May 12, 2022

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