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Guillermo and Mary-Ann Reddekopp


I hope this note finds you well. We are enjoying the beginning of the rainy season here. Soon the beautiful countryside will be green again.


We have now been living in the colonies near Nuevo Ideal, Durango for over a year, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to live and serve here. We have seen God at work in people’s lives, bringing them freedom and healing, and we have been blessed by the community here.


May was a busy month as Mary-Ann attended a Women’s Encounter in Aylmer; we had visitors from Canada; kids finished their school year; the church youth “Transformation Camp” took place; and we had our annual conference with TEAM Mexico in Mexico City. After a quick time away as a family, we were back to our more normal life routines, with the exception of the kids being on summer break. Guillermo spends a lot of time in the community in visitation. This includes people from our church, other churches, and not-yet-believers. As the Holy Spirit leads him, he has experienced open doors and hearts open to deeper conversations and prayer. We have a few families we are investing in at a deeper level as they work through pain from the past, marriage struggles, and painful experiences. As we are not professional counsellors, we are in a steep learning curve of how to bring people to Christ for healing and help. The most difficult situations are those where there is active abuse occurring. We would appreciate prayer for wisdom and for the ability to follow the Holy Spirit in each conversation. We are so grateful to serve God, who knows what each person needs, and He is able to bring them to wholeness. Guillermo has several opportunities to preach in the church and youth group. Lavinia (our 15-year-old) recently spoke to the youth, and I, Mary-Ann, will also be sharing with the youth in August. I also just started playing the piano with the church worship team. The Low German language is still a challenge for myself and the kids, but slowly, with God’s help, we will continue to gain understanding and the ability to speak.


Next year, we plan to continue serving the community alongside the Läwens Kjoakj. I will be homeschooling Joshua (12) and Lavinia (15), and Samuel (16) will be doing online high school. Guillermo is excited to continue visiting throughout the community and building discipling relationships. He also is looking forward to others in the church joining him in the visitation so they can grow in their ability to reach others in the community. Preaching, visitation, hospitality, prayer, and discipleship will continue to be our main ministries, and we look forward to seeing what God has planned for this valley.


Included below is the video we made for the EMMC June conference, as well, which explains life here a bit further. 

Here are some prayer requests:

  1. Continued Unity for the Church Leadership: As the church steps out in faith towards freedom from religion, they need the Holy Spirit to continue to lead and unify them day by day.

  2. Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Safety and Health: Increasing sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we reach out, disciple, and bring people to Jesus for healing and freedom.

  3. Kids' Schooling, Development, and Spiritual Growth: It is quite a rough and tumble youth group here. Please pray for our kids as they make friends, that they would grow in their faith and character, influencing others towards Christ.

  4. Continued Growth and Maturity of the Church: Most individuals in the church come from very rough situations, and some are in actively abusive relationships. Discipleship and deep healing are exciting processes as we see people set free and growing in their relationships with God and others.

Warm greetings to all of you in Aylmer EMMC,

Guillermo and Mary-Ann

July 7, 2023

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