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Dave & Cheri Bartsch

Greetings from Australia! We are excited to bring you the latest updates and stories of God's work in the nations. We have also had the opportunity to visit the USA and Canada for the first time in 6 years to spend time with family and friends which has been refreshing and filling.

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DTS Grads

Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) are intensive programs designed to equip individuals with a strong foundation in their faith and prepare them for a life of discipleship and service.


God worked powerfully in the lives of the DTS students. Through the teaching and mentorship they received, students often encountered God in profound ways, experiencing personal transformation, healing, and a deepening of their relationship with Him. There were testimonies of gaining greater clarity about their life's calling, signs and wonders and how Jesus wanted to use their story to help people find God.


We are so proud of all of these radical young ones! Many of these students are going on to get further equipped in the Bible and other missions training.

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Solomon Islands
What an incredible year so far! The Lord has been so good and we have been so blessed to be able to send teams to the Solomon's to preach the Gospel and see God's hand move.

We sent a team to the western province of the Islands for the first time to go on a scouting mission to see what is happening and help a team that is planting another YWAM base. Amazing stories of 24hr boat rides that left the whole team with an experience that will never be forgotten. We were able to organise discipleship/ Bible studies throughout the region and reached out to the younger generation that are often found on the streets.

We have a 10-year goal to see a whole generation of young people that are missing from the church return to Jesus with fire in the heart to be on mission for God. We have had amazing testimonies of salvations, miracles and healings and many divine encounters along the way. Please pray with us for this younger generation that has walked away from the Lord and find themselves in a cycle of drugs, relationships and alcohol that is destroying their lives.

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We have some incredible news about Vietnam! We are sending one of our long-term staff to Vietnam to start a new YWAM work! At the end of July our staff will move full-time to Vietnam to continue the work that we have been doing in this nation. We will continue to send our DTS teams to this nation to see how we can connect with the local church and do evangelism and bring discipleship training.


We are organising a staff outreach in the new year to bring Bible training to some of the remote areas of Vietnam that are hungry for God but need some assistance with the word. Please pray with us that our efforts would be fruitful and that many would come to Christ through our evangelism and discipleship.

Family in Missions
We are so grateful that we get to serve God in the context that we do! Thank you for being part of a great wave of young people crashing on the shores of the nations to bring the Gospel and hope that Jesus is enough.


We want to thank every one of you that have been praying for us as a ministry and as a family! We are challenged and encouraged in the call to disciple, train, and equip people for the great commission. If you would like to get involved practically with the ministry of YWAM Gold Coast please consider praying and asking God if you could partner with us. We live by faith as a family called into missions with no particular salary. This was a call that we embraced 20 years ago to follow Jesus into the unknown and a journey that has been powerful! We need people that are in love with the mission of young people finding a call in God to bring the Gospel to every sphere of influence to partner financially with us.


Thanks for all your love and support!
The Bartschs

July 2023

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